Missing windows in idf

I’m creating a model with windows but when it runs through the EnergyPlus component the resulting IDF file does not contain the windows. Has anyone experienced anything like that? What could be the reason for that?

Image shows the comparison of the initial and IDF models

@Mesrop ,

We will likely need a sample file from you that re-creates the issue to understand what is going on.

Also, depending on what that screeshot is an image of, you may not have assigned the windows correctly. Are those geometries the output of the “Decompose HB Zone” component or are they that actual HBZones (in which case, it looks like you have open breps for HBZones, which is not correct).

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i was having this problem, so i downgrade the open studio 2,7 to 2,5 and the windows come back :smiley:

https://github.com/NREL/OpenStudio/releases try too

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Thank you so much. I had some trouble finding the link. It worked FINALLY. Downgrading solved the situation. However would be good to get rid of the issue for the newer versions of OpenStudio. @chris

@Mesrop, Can you share your model with us for debugging?

Here you go.
Hope it’s not too messy. Check the bottom part, I’ve created a process that verifies if the initial HBzones and the IDF match each other or not.

If the baloon is blue, then everything’s fine.

*Note now the file is working fine since I have downgraded the openstudio. But if you use it on 2.7 it may give the issue again.

Thank you.

Textiles hub tent HB LB.gh (743.6 KB)


Your file is too big but I was able to recreate the situation with a much simpler model. The windows are written into the IDF model correctly and you would see this if you opened your model in OpenStudio GUI or the IDF Editor. Or, if you requested surface-level outputs from the simulation, you will see that there are results for the windows.

The reason why you think that the windows are not written into the model is because the Import IDF component does not import the newer format of window objects for the newer version of E+. I will also highlight that this Import IDF component is under the WIP section for good reasons and it is a far cry from being able to import most of the content in IDFs (especially across different versions of E+). So please take everything that this component does with a grain of salt and don’t rely on it in the same way that you would for the non-WIP components.

Also, if you are going to use this WIP component, also please check the readMe! output where you see that it will tell you that it fails to build the window surface:

All of this said, I have updated the component to read the newer window object format of E+ so that you can now use it to check your geometry from newer versions of E+:

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Thank you. So as I understood aside of not showing the windows work fine and correctly participate in calculations.

Yes, the windows have been in all of your simulations. The just haven’t been imported back from the IDF.

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Hi Chris,
I got the same problem that skylights missing in idf file, but the “read me” of import idf component doesn’t mention it, and those missing windows also didn’t show in surface results.

I tried to use "addHBGlz " instead of “Glzing based on ratio”, getting the same result. So I’m not sure the simulation result is still credible.

Here is my gh file: longfor simulation text.gh (891.7 KB)

Waiting for your help, thank you.