Modeling 100% Windows?


I have read on this forum that it is not possible to model a wall with 100% glazing and that there has to an offset from the wall edge. Is this a limitation in Honeybee? I have asked the same question on Unmet Hours forum when I originally wanted to model in Sketchup/OSM and received the following response from one of the developers:

No, technically EnergyPlus can have a sub-surface the same size as the base surface that hosts it, it is more of a limitation of how the viewing/editing of the surfaces in the SketchUp Plugin are implemented. EnergyPlus can also handle sub-surfaces out of the plane of the base surface.

If this limitation in Honeybee still exists, what is the easiest way to draw curtainwall wall buildings and split them into zones?



Hi,@devang @eugene_s As I know,energyplus/openstudio can not support the 100% windows. As for curtainwall, it has horizontal and vertical divider. So the windows to wall ration is not 100%. The max windows to wall ratio Honeybee supported is 95% using glazingCreator compotent,it is enough for curtainwall modeling.
Here is the test example using surface by surface method.
100% window (552.0 KB)

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Thanks @minggangyin, yes thats true, curtainwall has framing as well.