Modeling for climate change - SSP scenarios

I am looking for a way to generate climate change weather files from SSP scenarios.

Currently there is a free tool relying on SRES scenarios (2000): CCWorldWeatherGen, there are also some commercial weather generators using RCP scenarios (2014), but I haven’t managed to find anything for SSP scenarios (2020).
If you are aware of any existing tool or any project headed there, I would love to know. :slight_smile:


Very interesting question! The development of the weather file for a SSP scenario will depend on a lot of other variables such as economy, population, education, consumption patterns, political orientation, and so forth. I would be pleasantly surprised to learn if someone has created a model to simulate this.

Hi all.
Hi @devang, I have worked with CCWorldWeatherGen and it seems to work. I have read a few articles about it and understand that this tool produces an output closer to the RCP 8.5 scenario. What is missing is an intermediate scenario such as RCP 4.5. One tool that works is WeatherShift, but unfortunately it’s not open sources :sweat_smile: Another online tool is Copernicus, but it requires knowledge of the python language. Is there an intermediate tool? If not, this topic could be a starting point for future developments.

Hi @devang @clement.jaffrelo

I recommend reading this, to see what kind of models that are included in CMIP6: CMIP6: the next generation of climate models explained | Carbon Brief

Furthermore, this is a short and sweet introduction to the different SSP-scenarios and some of the variabels: Explainer: How ‘Shared Socioeconomic Pathways’ explore future climate change | Carbon Brief

E.g. the prerequisite for the different SSP’s regarding population and energy mix in the World: