Modeling Indoor Vertical Water Feature

Hi Masters,

I am trying to study an indoor(atrium) thermal comfort with an indoor vertical water feature. Is it possible to study with ladybug tools? I saw some previous questions, but they are more like a swimming pool or horizontal water feature (someone mentioned that we can use an indoor pool in EnergyPlus, but it must be a floor). I would typically like to study vertical water feature like the photos that I attached.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or suggestions.

Thank You.


Hey @seung,

I believe this “water wall” is used for dehumidification purpose. It is cooled water (below dew point), and surrounding warm moisture condensate along the plastic strings (water wall).

For the comfort study, I think you can manually change the indoor RH, and assign surface temperature of the “water wall” at a cold temperature (dew point).

These are just rough ideas, haven’t really tested, but hopefully it’d work.

Hi Mingbo,

Thank you for the quick reply.

Your suggestion seems a great approach, but I am not sure how to manually assign surface temperature and indoor relative humidity.

Would you tell me which components I should use? Or any ways to assign them manually? One way that I can think right now is making a small dummy zone and assign them.

Please let me know.



Hi @seung,

In “PMVComfRecipe”, there are inputs for surface temperature, and Relative humidity, you can replace those data from the simulation with your own value. But be careful you only want to edit the associated surface and zone’s data. You will need to keep all the rest the same.


Hi @MingboPeng,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I will try it based on your suggestion and let you know whether it works or not.

Much appreciated.