Modeling venetian blinds

Dear community

I am trying to do an image-based analysis of a simple window with venetian blinds. The window is created with coordinates, as a box, as I want to have a certain thickness for the window. The venetian blinds are added with the “EPWindowShades” component. Unfortunately, in the image-based analysis, the blinds aren’t visualized, and I am wondering what I am doing wrong here.

So far I tried to play wiht the geometry and material of the shades and also reviewed my other implementations on the geomery & analysis side. No luck yet; the blinds aren’t visualized. Do you guys have a clue how I can achieve my goal? I am quite new to this community & Honeybee, so let me know if I need to add more details. My model can be downloaded here.


Welcome to the discourse.
You need to show the EPWindowShades or connect the shadeBreps output to a preview geometry.


Hi Abraham
Thank you for your reply! I did this already, may be not the case in the model I attached, but I am well aware of this possibility to preview the geometry.
Perhaps my initial explanation of my problem wasn’t accurate enough. The previewing is no problem at all; my problem is the image rendering of my geometry. If I let the simulation run with an image-based analysis and I try to render an image, it shows me the glass only. Even if I add to the glass a very high transmittivity and to the blinds an opaque material; the image rendering shows me only how the rays transmit through the glass but no opaque blinds are visible.
Is this explanation more clear? I can add an image of the rendering if you wish for it.

OK. It is clearer.
My advice is almost the same: You need to connect/include the output shadeBreps to the analysis, together with the all other geometries.
The output HBObjWShades is good for energy simulations but will not include the blinds geometry.


Awesome, thank you Abraham! This solved my problem.
Although I am a bit confused as I would expect “HBObjWShades” to refer to the initial HBObject WITH the shades added as well. But knowing this makes my life easier :slight_smile: