Modeling Water Bodies in Dragonfly


How would you model a body of water in a Dragonfly model? There seems to be only settings for grass and pavement for ground cover.


Hi mlandis4!
It’s simple: you can’t. Dragonfly (among other things) uses the UWG engine ( which is based on a 1-D urban canyon model. You have a couple of choices:

  • Use another piece of software that can model the urban climate at city/region level. If it is the microclimate you want look for the free version of envi-met (for academic purposes).
  • Alternatively you can use butterfly and model the water surface with a reasonable surface temperature (ideally this should change in an hourly basis). Check this paper for an indicated workflow:
  • Place a datalogger near the desired water body and measure the air temperature and RH on the spot. Place a second datalogger inside the city and compare results. This is the safest approach because you can then create an empirical model from observations.

Hope this helps


Please also check this and this


Thank you both for the responses. It looks like, for now, I will be moving on to Envi-met.