Modelling opened/closed doors in model

Hi there, what would be the best way to model doors inside of a residential apartment? I would like them to be open most of the time, which would be a normal case for my situation, but get them close on a schedule depending of the space type. Would modelling them as interior windows with an interzone airflow schedule?


@jholguin71 ,
I’d recommend modeling them as air walls. Air walls will mimic the conductive resistance of interior doors well and you can specify when they are open using the schedule on the Set EP Airflow component (after solving adjacency):

Thank you Chris.

To be clear, when i set the interZoneAirFlowSched_, it applies the same schedule to all airwalls in that zone? Or is there a way to control individual airwalls?

Yes, That’s a limitation that it applies the same schedule to all air walls. If you need control over individual doors, it might be best to abandon the use of air walls, use a similar type of light construction and create your own custom mixing objects with additionaStrings as you see in this discussion: