Modelling recessed windows and impact on Energy consumption


As I’ve seen on tutorial videos for energy simulation using honeybee, the windows are usually surfaces placed on the facade. I have a building in which the windows are recessed. I am sure that for daylight simulations, the recess depth makes a difference in the lux values inside. I wonder, for energy simulations, is it necessary to model the recess depth of the windows, as it may affect the energy consumption? or how significant is the change in energy consumption values?

Hi, @AnuragVerma If you want to simulate the impact of the depth of window, you should add shading to the sides of the windows as the daylight modeling.

Just to add to @minggangyin, there is a component in HB to do that. I can’t check right now and don’t remember the name, but just look out for it. Will make your life easier.