Modelling Thermal Bridges on 3DPrinted Structures with THERM

Dear all,
I checked the files on Hydra and understood its background from Thermal Bridge - with THERM - #4 by TheodorosGalanos
I need to model thermal bridges in a 3d printed structure. Here is a room of the one-story 3d printed structure example:

All the colored parts are printed separately and there should be thermal bridges between these parts and also between other rooms which have been built with the same method. So I wonder how I can include these thermal bridges in my energy model. Looking forward for your answers, thanks in advance.

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So unless something has changed in E+ v9.6 that I am not aware of:
E+/OS don’t natively support modeling ψ and χ values for TB’s:
What I typically do to model thermal bridges in Le’Bugs:
is reduce the thermal performance of HB faces via the ‘effective U/R value’ of the individual face after doing TB modeling.
i.e in this context: the entire face comprised of blue, lavender, teal, green and orange:

Lets consider this a single HB face:
do therm for the TB’s and reduce the thermal performance of the face per the TBs impact
Here’s the PHIUS THERM TB calc tool if that’s helpful for whatever.
Thermal_Bridge_Psi-Value_Calculator_v2.3.xlsx (1.4 MB)