Modelling tree as porousSimpleForm

Hi @mostapha your BF tutorial was amazing in Youtube. I had tried it and worked for outdoor air movement. I was also able to calculate PET as well. I want to model the tree with its porous character as well, how do we do that? Any insights will be appreciated. Thanks.

@vijesh It is very hard to do this. There is a issue created at 2017. You can refer to it

Thank you for your reply @minggangyin. I saw the post. @TheodorosGalanos mentioned of porousSimpleForm in BF, is it there? That also will be interesting to see the influence over wind velocity and direction around the tree. I want to try these to see outdoor comfort. We had taken reading in the urban canyon now we want to check the influence of trees in the area by placing it. so, that part will be a simulation exercise on projection of change in PET. Thanks.

@vijesh For now, Butterfly does not have the porousSimpleFOAM solver. If you want to use it, you should study some basic knowledge of OpenFOAM and related learning material about porousSimpleFOAM .
here are some paper about tree in OpenFOAM.
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@minggangyin Thanks a lot. This is one of the paper ( ) where the authors used a porous representation of tree using openFoam. I am an Architect and does studies related to thermal comfort and building performance. The fact is that am not so good at programming, that is also one of the reason I really like the grasshopper tools with its tremendous allowance of freedom to think along with others to take next step freely. Thank you for the info.

Hi, @vijesh I understand your background and needs, but currently the butterfly does not support this function.

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