ModelToOSM Error

Inspite of ensuring compatibility of components, my model is flagging errors at ModelToOSM component of below types -

    1. Solution exception:‘Model’ object has no attribute ‘remove_degenerate_geometry’
    1. Solution exception:remove_colinear_vertices_envelope() got an unexpected keyword argument ‘delete_degenerate’

These are from 2 different models. And this file was running on someone else’s PC.
My version check gave me the following data -

Python 3.7.9
RADIANCE 5.4a 2021-03-28 LBNL (5.4.947ea88a29)
OpenStudio 3.5.1+22e1db7be5
EnergyPlus 22.2.0-aa78da9668

I can put up the files, but since they ran on some one else’s machine, they may run on yours.
What could be reason for the above errors?

cant help unless you share a script. you can internalise all the geometries.

also have you checked if all the components are the same HB version (not legacy + new HB)

Ok Then. Here is a zip file with a Rhino file + Ladybug.
Please check if anyone else gets an error in ModelToOSM component. (289.9 KB)
container_office2.3dm (45.3 KB)

This issue is resolved. It was resolved once i installed latest ladybug 1.6 via the proper installer.
The earlier installer i think was just via replacement of folders. A neat install solved it.