Modified component SplitBuildingMass2Floors, to split complex buildings

Hi all.
Since I am doing research about simulation in concept design phase, I may build many complex buildings that have several towers, open floors. In many cases, the floor heights design of all the buildings may be the same, like this:
The Honeybee_SplitBuildingMass2Floors component can’t work properly on buildings like this:

The 1st foor of every box may be 4.8m high.

So I modified the component to work properly:

Glad to share the component here, hope can help others. Also hope to see future version can include feature like this, that will help more. :grinning: (477.0 KB)
(The height value is calculated from the lowest point of your connected shapes)


I can’t thank you enough! I am in the middle of my architectural thesis and trying to finish learning the software so I can apply it to my project. That component not working made me panic but you came with this component right in like a hero and saved my day.