Modify deafault_report of URBANopt

Is it possible to modify the default report of URBANopt? I would like to display other outputs in the CSV file or other variables in the JSON.

Hi @Batiste ,

I’m not really sure that the default URBANopt report can be easily modified. I would bet there is a way to do it by editing the measure that is being used to write the report but this is probably more of a question for the team at NREL. I’ll see if I can get them to join the forum and provide some insight here.

In the meantime, if the main thing that you need is to just get a CSV for some of the EnergyPlus outputs, you can do this with the Ladybug Tools components. Just make sure that your Simulation Output and Simulation Parameters are requesting the outputs that you want, use the Read Custom Result component to bring those results into Grasshopper as DataCollections after the simulation is finished, then use the Dump Data component to write those data collections to a CSV.

Thank you very much, @chris (42.3 KB)
, for the information. I have created this workflow to obtain both the results for loads and demand: both annually, creating CSV files, and finally generating a GeoJSON file with the results.

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