Modify EPW with incorrect solar data


I’ve got an EPW-file with incorrect solar data. And I was hoping I could use the method as in the dragonfly example file “Create_Actual_Meteorologic_Year_EPW”, and use the Zhang Huang solar model to create new solar data. And then stitch it back together.

But I realised that this is not working because I will need a “Continuous Hourly” format. Is there a work around available to make this work?

A picture of my attempt
(the “stitch it back together” part is not connected in the picture, to reduce the spaghetti effect in the screenshot)

Thanks in advance.

@Dolf ,

Great question and great idea. You should be able to do what you propose with the components in that example but you need to have the absolute latest version of the Ladybug[+] components and Ladybug[+] libraries. So you will have to run the Honeybee[+] updater component and restart Rhino twice before attempting the example again. It also looks like that is an old version of the Ladybug[+] import EPW so you will have to replace that component with the latest version.

Hi Chris,
Thanks for your response!

Ah… I think it went wrong in the restarting twice… I only restarted once.

I’m going to try :slight_smile:
(as soon as the Rhino license is available again… :confused: :slight_smile: )

I tested it, and it is working! Thank you!


I can’t find some of the components in the example file when I browse through the Dragonfly/Ladybug components in Rhino. This is the Zhang-Huang, WEA component and the DF Create EPW component. Are they not released yet?
(and I did just update and restart (2x) my whole flock of Ladybug Tools).