Modify gbxml materials inside Honeybee

Hello everyone,
I import a simple case into honeybee (with the new component), but I have some errors with the window construction type and windows materials.
In fact, honeybee applied window construction and material default.
I tried to change and modify the windows material properties inside honeybee, but it duplicate the window surface…
Can honeybee modify the gbxml material imported?
Same problem is connected to the radiance prorperty of the window, because daylight simulation generates this errors:
Solution exception:Failed to read the results! rtrace: fatal - (unnamed_RAD.oct): truncated octree rtrace: fatal - (unnamed_RAD.oct): truncated octree rtrace: fatal - (unnamed_RAD.oct): truncated octree rtrace: fatal - (unnamed_RAD.oct): truncated octree
I attached the grasshopper file and gbxml!
thanks a lot!

Can you share the GH file and the gbXML file? You should be able to change the materials using Set Radiance Material component.

I really want to share the file but the website don’t allow me to do this, because I am new users ( so i can not upload attachments)… but how many days I have to wait for sharing a file?

However, I try with set radiance material component. Once, I used this component but after the daylight simulation, the unnamed material file had inside a list of material with the old one and the new one… therefore, I suppose that something was wrong!
thanks a lot!