Monthly Bar Chart for Temperature


Maybe im expected a result that the chart cant give me.

I want to see a simple curve for one zone temperature but Im getting a multicurve graphic.

Is it posible get the simple curve?

thanks a lot

You probably need to pass the results through the LB_selectAndAverageData component and ask for the avrMonthlyPerHour output.


Thanks a lot @Abraham

Very useful for begginers ! =)

Hi Abraham.

In my case Im calculating the operative temperature for a zone. I want to generate bar chart and 3d chart for results visualization. So i have to average data for both charts? Its confusing to me because in youtube Mackey tutorials the result from e+ simulation conects the 3d chart component directly.


I don’t know which Chris’s video you are referring to. There are so many (thanks Chris). But the important think is what kind of results do you want to represent and/or need.

What i send above averages the data for each hour of the year, so you get this mapped in the chart.

What is the bart chart going to show?

Please be more clear about what you need.


Thanks A

What I looking for is very simple. Just to get the hourly operative temperature for my zones. (8760 entries for each zone). I dont understand well the average data for hourly records well. that I understand is that the hourly value averaged hourly is the same value.

Finally the diference betwen the max and min values for average and not average results in my case has a diferences of 6°C. So im not sure what values to take (averaged or not).

My idea is to show bar chart and 3d chart with operative temperature, but their diferents values makes that Im not sure what is the right for my purpose. (just operative temperature)

again Thanks !!


So lets take out what is clear: Hourly data (8760).

What i sent before is the average of each hour of the month. In the graph you see 24 hrs per month (all in all 288 data. 24x12). Maybe you want to plot this average and the min/max averaged for each hour?


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Thank you A.

its clear about averaged hours. Very useful tip.

About the montly bar chart I can untertand its usable for averaged inputs and 3d chart works whit averaged or not averaged data. So if I want to show raw (8670) hours 3dchart is my option. thank you.

-A, for the min/max values, do you have in mind bounds and average grasshopper components?



Probably it will be a good feature to add this min/max values as an output to the selectAndAverageData component. I’ll give it a try to modify the component … soon.


I agree… can be useful for bar and 3d chart.

I think something graphical looks good like this:

Id like to learn about writing components. If someone do this upgrade please share to me!