Morning Warmup of HVAC

Hi, I’m trying to create a HVAC that only runs from 8am to 6pm, with no warm up in the morning however I see Cooling energy out of these hours. Any suggestions on how to make sure this isnt occurring?

I’m modelling an ideal air system (and created a schedule for heating and cooling).


Hi @Shanice,

I think you can alter the cooling setpoint schedule to have really high setpoints between 6pm to 8am, so the cooling never turns on. Something like this:

Hope this helps!


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Hi Teresa, I had done that but only had it on 40, do maybe its too low. I will investigate. Thanks!

You can easily have rooms getting above 40C in a temperate climate if there’s no natural ventilation. You can see for yourself by requesting comfort_metrics_ on the HB Simulation Output component and bringing them into Grasshopper via the Read Room Comfort Result component