Moving HB zones in X,Y,Z directions with Reference Point?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to move a geometry I created in X, Y and Z directions, and this will be later an option to parametrically change the position of the zones. It was possible to do so using the vector component and the HB_Move_HB component. However, I noticed that the zones are moving with regards to a default reference/control/pick point. I want to change that control point as shown in the image below.

How can I do that? P.S. I know that the preferred point’s coordinate I need is (-2.5, 5). AND please note that I need to move all the zones together.
Find the GH file below, the bit I am asking about is grouped in red color.
Moving Horizontally and Vertically with Reference Point (590.8 KB)


Maybe i didn’t understood something, but … since the HB_moveHBObj is requesting a vector, why it is important for you the reference point? Wherever you’ll move the result will be the same. This also considering that you want to move all the zones.

Thank you for your reply Abraham. The reference point is important in this case since the idea is to move the building created in HB to be situated within a tower, and I want to be able to move it from the green point in my previous post, to be attached to the facade of the tower, making it easier for the user to be generalized in any case. It would more difficult to situate it from an inner point.

You can use the native GH Vector 2Pt component to get what you want.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I tried and it did not work.

Actually, I managed now to get it to work with two HB_Move_HB components (one for x,y directions and one for z direction) with GH vector 2PT component :smiley: