MRT Calculation

Hi everyone,

First of all I am impressed by your work LB+HB can solve a lot of problem.

I am a new user and I was wondering if it would be possible to export a grid of the indoor solar heat gain on the floor.

I want to calculate the comfort of the building, but due to 100% ratio of glazing I have to introduce the solar gain to calculate a new mean radiant temperature.

I saw that the component “Ladybug_Outdoor Solar Adjustor” calculate it but only on a mannequin, It would be amazing if I can calculate through the whole floor of my building.

Is there a way to do that ?

Thank you all for your help!


Mehdi, Have you checked the examples on Hydra?


You want to use E+ to calculate the floor surface temperature and the microclimate maps to calculate the total MRT. Here’s the specific example.


Hi Chris and Mostapha thank you for your answers,

I went through the examples but I didn’t find what I was looking for. I saw the Radiation_in_an_Urban_Canyon example but it uses the ladybug radiation analysis, and I need to take into account the reflections for my project.

Chris is the total MRT from th microclimate maps uses the “effective radiant field” Model ?

Let me tell you more about my project, it’s about the comfort in the semi-opened spaces, I first introduce a new PMV OutSET into EnergyPlus which calculate the comfort from the steady state and not the permanent state, because the people will only be here for a few minutes and the body will not body in his permanent state.

Now I have to modify the calculation of the mean radiant temperature, I first did a study where I took several values of the solar heat gains from 9 points. It appeared that the thermal comfort changed a lot between the different points.

Due to this conclusion I am looking for a way to obtain a map of the solar heat gain through the floor of the railway station to calculate a new mean radiant temperature (using the energy radiant field model) to finally obtain a comfort map of the building.

I hope you understand the problematic of the project I have,

Thank you for your help,