Multi objective simulation (help optimization needed )

dear all

i need it to be done all in one slider animation but the PCs and laptops i use keep on crashing and I’ve closed the auto-save in grasshopper. i’m now trying only to write the IDF files from these iteration but also it takes for ever and never finishes. my wild guess is that it’s the ram it does not have any chance to be cleaned over time and that what makes it heavier and slower with each further run.

so i wish if you guys can guide me through this because this is still my initial stage of working on my thesis

any comments, suggestions, recommendations would be very appreciated

thank you very much in advance for your well known co-operation and concern

Hi Anas,

I’m not sure what makes the file crash but is it an option to run all the analysis instead of using Octopus?

I think a good start is to identify the combinations that make Grasshopper crash. Are you using intersection or split in your definition? Does your system run out of ram? Do you have the Rhino log from the crash?


hi mostapha

thank you for your reply and concern

i’m now 90% certain it’s a RAM issue

the RAM memory does not clean itself between runs

any ideas about that

i already sent you a copy of the definition in your e-mail to have a look if you have any time



Hi Anas,

Thanks. I’m going to make a number of changes to improve the memory use in optimization runs. Will get back to you soon.


just a quick reminder if you forget about it or didn’t find the file i can send back again



Check the attached file for the updated version and let me know how it goes. I believe the reason for crashing is splitMass component and not the memory issues. Your geometry is simple enough to develop your own script without using the splitMass component.



thank you very very very much for this

it is now a hell lot faster … the main draw back, it is still crashing after 200-300 runs

i’m using splitmass component because i need it for further geometrical complexity in the future of the research

i don’t know if it 's the RAM issue any more as it never exceeded 2 GBs in comparison to almost 11 GBs in the previous version

i’m now trying to run on a PC instead of my laptop so it might be more stable

any how thank you and i’ll keep you noted.


When I did expensive optimization calcs I also experienced several problems with stability. I found that it was hard to trace these when using the interface of Octopus, so I switched to OctopusE coupled with Excel instead. Each simulation was given an ID-code so that it was easy to organize and errorcheck. It allowed me to also batch run the same optimization on parallel computers, and various other workflow improvements. I wont go back to Octopus after that. But, it was a bit of work understanding it, for me. You need to read the papers of how the SPEA2 algorithm works and so on. And the octopus forums are pretty silent…

Anyway, just a tip if you dont solve this any easier way.

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