Multi-zonal natural ventilation strategies test

Hello everyone specially @chris
I would like to come up with indoor energy, thermal, and IAQ simulation of a classroom. my base case covers cross ventilation too. The base case is a classroom and when I would like to consider cross ventilation I would consider a corridor and other same classroom on the other side. I would like to make sure that if I did the right simulationCross ventilation (967.0 KB)

You should really be modelling a multizone airflow case like this using the EnergyPlus Airflow Network (AFN), which is not available in honeybee-legacy. You should use the new LBT Honeybee plugin (1.1.0) and follow the that’s included in the Food4Rhino download to see how to setup the AFN.

@chris Thank you. Your recently developed tool is much more user friend.

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