Multiple Parallel Simulation with LBT UDI component(Radiance engine)

To whom it may concern,

I am conducting a kind of optimization analysis with the aid of integrating the Grasshopper Ladybug tools(LBT Radiance UDI analysis) with the ModeFrontier.

Theoretically, ModeFrontier can operate Grasshopper Ladybug tools simulation automatically upto 8 or 12 separate cases at the same time in order to reduce analysis time.
However, I found that ModeFrontier automatic integrated simulation collected wrong values from the LBT module.

We have tested a sample model with one concurrent simulation, which operate just one radiance module at once and thought the LBT module or Radiance DOS-batch module cannot run several cases at the same time.

If someone has experienced with multiple batch simulation of LBT Radiance annual UDI analysis, could you share your solution for the issue?

Best regards,

Byungyun Lee