Multiple supply side airloops

Hi @MingboPeng,

I would like to run a simulation with 10 different seperated airloops using IronBug.
I allmost succeeded in doing so, but ran into one issue which I could not understand/fix.

  • The Zone input for the Ironbug_ThermalZone I organised as a tree structure with 10 branches, so I would get 10 different airloops. This worked really well. 186 branches were organised in 10 loops.

  • The problem occured on the supply side of the airloops. I would like to ad cooling and heating coils on this place, but these were only placed in the last airloop. Airloop 10. So in Airloop 1, 2, 3, 4, 5… they where gone.

  • I Tried to rename/renumber the supply side components in the hope this would solve the problem, but this gave the following:error. 1. Invalid cast: String » IB_HVACObject

  • The example below shows the model that generated 10 airloops but with some heating and cooling coolis missing.

Hi @Erikbeeren,

Without looking at your gh file for loop’s supply side, my guess is you only build one instance of supply side and use it 10 times, which is causing the issue that it only appears in the last loop.

You can right click the components to add the “Duplicate Number input” for generating 10 different instance for 10 different loops.

Ironbug_Duplicate component also works the same.

Does this help?

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Thank you! It worked.
I am impressed about how well thought IronBug is structured!
I discovered only one small issue here.
The Ironbug_SetpointManagerSceduled has a different path depth then the other components from the supply side. Is this done on purpose, or is this just a result of how data is handled inside the component.

Hi @Erikbeeren glad it worked.

For path issue:
I will need to look into the code for the answer, but my initial guess will be the Setpoint manager is just behaving like a normal GH component which add a new level of path from the its input’s path structure. In this case, I believe that your “Temperature” input has {0;0;0;0;0} path, and the component just add one more at the end which became {0;0;0;0;0;0}

The reason that other IB component doesn’t do this is because they have “Parameters” input, and I have written a customized path hander for those component for matching the path structure as same as input’s.