Multiple Wind Directions and Multiple Inlets

Hi Forum Friends,

I’m doing a CFD simulation for a small structure with multiple inlets. I got some questions here.

  1. Is it possible to set different wind direction for different inlets at same time? When I do that, the simulation result end up with taking only one wind direction.

  2. Is it possible to set the wind velocity lower than 2 m/s? Every time I set the wind velocity at 2 or less, the result goes wrong.

Thank you in advance.

+Here is my testing file: (1.2 MB) 20200623.3dm (286.3 KB)

hi @ljwssdsw

When doing indoor CFD you can set the pressure at each of the inlets. It’s called a pressured-driven flow.

You could run an outdoor simulation for a given wind direction with just your building’s envelope (without interior modelled) and see the pressure levels you get at inlets, that can feed the inputs of your indoor simulation. And so on with other wind directions.