Multiple zones in Envi-Met

Hello everyone,

I am using Envi-Met to study the effect of nearby tree shadowing and evapo-transpiration on the temperature of houses. I wanted to create different zones(rooms) in the house to get a more detailed result. However, after creating the zones in Grasshopper using Honeybee tools, i was unable to generate the building with the interior walls in Envi-Met Spaces. Are there some particular steps that i should be doing prior generating the design in the latter format?

The gh file and rhino file are attached.
Thank you.
Trial A 1109.3dm (39.9 KB) Trial A (494.6 KB)

Hello, I want to know what kind of workflow is this envi-met and honeybee joint simulation? Is the zone created in honeybee and then imported into envi-met for simulation? What is the specific step? Can you refer to related tutorials or papers?
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Hello cqn,

Yes, its a joint simulation using Envi-Met and Honeybee. I am creating the design using Honeybee and then exporting the design into the format used by Envi-Met. I wanted to create a house with different rooms and internal walls however, the wall are not appearing after generating the .inx file used in Envi-Met.

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unfortunately Envimet does not consider internal walls yet, it can give you accurate results on facade. It remove internal walls before calculation running.


Thank you for the info @AntonelloDiNunzio.
I hope they do enable this function in the next releases.

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