MultiZone Model DesignSpecification:OutdoorAir Zone Missing?

Hi all,

I am running into an odd quirk and wondering if its a known bug or if I’m doing something incorrect in my model?

When I have a multi-zone model, and I apply different Outdoor Airflow Rates through the Honeybee ‘setEPZoneLoads’ component (V0.0.64) I get an odd behavior:

IF the loads I try and set for each zone are the same, and I use the ‘exportToOpenStudio’ component, in that case only the first zone’s spec flows through into the IDF file (seemingly).

Same Flow Rates Applied to two zones:

Only the first zone seems to pass through to the IDF when using exportToOpenStudio :

BUT, if I use the older ‘runEnergySimulation’ component to export the IDF, in that case then both zone’s come through as expected in the IDF:

Both Zones show up as expected with the ‘runEnergySimulation’ IDF Writer:

But then, if I apply DIFFERENT flow rates to each of the zones:

In that case, then both zone’s Outdoor Air Flow Design Specification seems to flow through into the IDF as expected, whether I use the ‘runEnergySimulation’ writer, or the ‘exportToOpenStudio’ writer.

IDF using the ‘exportToOpenStudio’ Writer works if zone loads are different:

If anyone has run into a similar issue I’d appreciate any pointers to resolve it? I think that in the first scenario where I’m trying to apply the same values to both zones, the one which is ‘missing’ is then defaulting to higher flow-rate values since it isn’t being set correctly and causing some weirdness in my model results. Am I just needing to update my components perhaps?

Internalized / simplified .GH file attached if anyone can take a look.

thank you!!
-Ed (576.4 KB)

Not sure about this one. Maybe @chris can help.