My students are getting nonsense results on a file that works for me

Hello everyone, hope you are doing well.

I gave my students a honeybee-radiance file that worked perfectly fine on my computer, however two of them had the same error, illustrated below. The simulation runs without errors however the results are 100% daylight factor for all the room, instead of the supposed distribution. Any suggestions?

Sidenote: in one case for some reason lbt_gh shows no output on the Check Version component, don’t know if this could be a related issue.

Here’s the sample file. (57.0 KB)

Hi @Gspahr,

This is likely because the Units in Rhino is millimeters. Change it to meters. Because of the units the grid is probably outside the building hence why it shows 100% DF.


Sadly, it isn’t the case, that was one of the first things we checked. Units tolerance was also acceptable.

Hello @mikkel, your solution was quite right, my students just confirmed they had the wrong units after all. A little lesson for me as well, I guess.