Natural and Mixed Mode Ventilation

Hi all,

I’m really happy to see the natural ventilation component in the latest release of Honeybee. I am curious about how it works and the best way to model a mixed mode system. Is there a way to simulate open windows when the outdoor temperature is in the comfort range and couple that with supplemental mechanical conditioning (with closed windows) when the exterior temperature is outside of that range?



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The answer to your question is yes. You probably want to use the Nat vent component in combination with the set zone thresholds component to make sure that you don’t accidentally turn the cooling system on while the windows are open. The following will have occupants open windows any time the indoor temperature goes above 22 C and shut the windows any time that either the indoor or outdoor temperature is above 28 C. If the indoor temperature goes above 28 C, the cooling system will come on to ensure that the temperature does not rise any further.