Natural room temperature and mechanical ventilation


I am using a translator to ask a question.
I’m sorry if there are any strange expressions.

What I want to know is simple.
Does the component “HB Room” “condetioned_” include mechanical ventilation?
(I’m assuming that it does).

If so, is it possible to turn on only the mechanical ventilation while turning off the heating and cooling?

I want to evaluate the natural room temperature (no air conditioning), but if I give it internal heat generation, I get the result as an excessively hot space because there are few paths for the heat to leave.
So we are thinking that we can mitigate this somewhat by introducing mechanical ventilation.
We thought about using “Infiltration” to alleviate the problem, but we couldn’t control it well because “Infiltration” only reacts to the rooms facing the exterior walls.

Please let me know how to turn on mechanical ventilation only!


@Kaz It is easy to solve this question. You can set thermal zone to un-airconditioned zone.
The default program of themal zone is office which has the setting mechanical ventilation.But the value may be not suit for your model, you should change it.

Thanks for the quick answer!

Am I correct in assuming that only Cooling and Heating are turned off by setting “conditioned _ as list” to “False”, while Mechanical Ventilation remains on?

Yes, you are right. Energy modeling using Ladybug tools need some basic knowledge of energyplus. You should pay some attention on this.
Here is @chris Youtube chanel, you can watch it for study.

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