Natural Ventilation through Doors

Hi all,

Wondering if there is a way to assign natural ventilation through doors?

don’t think I can do that using Honeybee_Set EP Air Flow component, any suggestion to work around it?


@chris might need your help, any ideas on this please?

Sorry for the late reply, @Farah.H .

As long as you aren’t worried about precisely modeling the air flow from one zone to another (as you might with an interior door), most air flow cases can be modeled with the 2 - CUSTOM WIND + STACK option on the “Set EP Airflow” component. You can see how this is used to model a chimney here:,-1324.6836083110875

For an exterior door, the operableEffectiveArea is the area of the open door, the inletOutletHeight is the height of the door, the windowAngle2North is the horizontal orientation of the door, and the stackDischargeCoef can be used to account for things like insect screens. You probably also want to use an openAreaFractionSched that says when the door can be opened (I imagine for security reasons it might not be as simple as the door opening whenever it gets too warm inside).

Thank you @chris! That’s helpful :slight_smile:

Yes my question was mainly regarding external doors. Will have a go with type 2 of ventilation. To have a better understanding, does the above suggest that type 2 (custom wind + stack) can model any opaque type of ventilation element?

Also, if I need to account for airflow between zones (i.e. through internal doors) that might help in ventilation, is there a way to model that in Honeybee?


Hello Chris.
Why did you set the inletOutletHeight in your example to 5?

And I have another question: In case of Fan-driven ventilation, is it possible to set a schedule for it?

Many thanks!