NCS color to radiance material

hallo community,

I am not sure if i can post my question here, but i am using color picker:

to get a NCS color:

I realised that when i change Gamma y=2.2 to y=1.0 (the color i need in NCS) doesn`t make any difference in the reflectance or in the material. It always shows the following:

Reflectance: rho=0.797

void plastic identifier
5 0.7 0.83 0.85 0 0

Anyone can give me hints how can i get the y=1.0 Material description in Color Picker for radiance?

Thank you in advance!


Hi @joe88

Is this what you’re looking for?

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Also, if you are ok with choosing a nearby color, the Color picker has NCS database to choose from.

oh wow, thank you for your reply!

this is a cool tool!

but my question why in color picker ( by default y=2.2) when I change y=1.0 the reflectance, respectively the radiance material is always the same?

and can i have reflectance from EASYRGB? is there a way to check reflectance of color?

Thank you !


Because the reflectance value that the color picker calculates is for the plastic material and not the color. The color picker uses the this formula.

You get reflectance from the color picker itself. I used EasyRGB to convert the sRGB values that you provided to RGB.

The Y value in color picker is for Gamma correction. Please check this article that explains this phenomenon.

hey Devang,

thank mate for your reply!