Need some help! Cannot let my ladybug 'fly' on my Mac :(

Hi everyone, good day:)
Today I downloaded the Ladybug and Honeybee and installed them, but when I just wanted to do the analysis, I found my ladybug cannot FLY… the very important component (or icon) " Ladybug_ Ladybug" is missing!
Here is the screenshot

My Rhinoceros version is 6.16.19205.01052, and my Mac system is macOS Mojave 10.14.6

ladybug_ladybug component is only for the legacy plugins. With the new plugins you can start using them right away by dropping the components that you need on canvas.

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Thanks! So embarrassed that all tutorials I watched were based on the legacy version, LOL. However, when I drug components, I found this:

and nearly all components fail to import

I checked out by myself that I need to run some “set_python_path.bat.bat” while Rhino is closed, but there is no such file on the Mac version, right?
So could you help me again with this issue :slight_smile: Appreciate!

On Mac the process is slightly different. I’m adding @chris here for more information.

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Thank you so much! Looks like this is not a big deal and can be solved :slight_smile:

I would just rerun the second component of the, @sunknight . There’s no .bat file for the Mac installation but, assuming that you have a folder at /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/6.0/scripts, rerunning the should fix it. The installer basically copies the Ladybug Tools libraries into that folder so that the components can access them.

FYI, Apple hides the Library folder by default so you may need to manually enter the path if you want to check that the folder exists.



You are absolutely right about the folder location, there was no such folder and this is the keypoint. So I just created one by myself, rerun the second component, restart Rhino and Grasshopper, dada~
Thanks both of you!