New EPW maps for New Zealand are not working

Hi all

a quick question please with the new updated maps: do quite a few weather files appear to be wrong? Th ones for New Zealand appear to be wrong.
I have here a screenshot showing that the model itself is fine but the weatherdata from the EPW map is not.

The weather file that I chose was for the average weather in Christchurch Airport in New Zealand, I also tried a few other cities. I also tried the new weather files on a couple of models that I did a week ago, before the changes to the maps and they now also show a much higher energy usage compared to the old weather file data. Also,the curser can often not find/ zoom into the weather file and if the calculation works on occassion and the weather file appears to work, then I get a heating demand beyond belief (8000kW/h//m2 where this house should sit somewhere between 50 and 70kw/h/m2).
Alternative, How can I import the from the EPW Energyplus into ladybug please? I downloaded from Energy plus the EPW file but do not know how to get it working into ladybug.

Very much appreciate your help