[new feature] additional shading control option

Hi @chris,

I realised recently that not all of the Shading Control Options from E+ are exposed in the Window Shade Generator component. While some of the options that E+ offers are somehow twisted :sweat_smile:, I believe that having OnIfHighZoneAirTempAndHighSolarOnWindow could be very helpful - mostly when the blind states are fed into a daylight simulation.

Do you think it could be exposed as another shadeCntrlType_?


@RafaelA ,

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I can’t find OnIfHighZoneAirTempAndHighSolarOnWindow in the EnergyPlus Input Output documentation:
That’s odd that the IDFEditor has that options there. Maybe they forgot to update the documentation for the latest releases of E+ (I know that the shading control stuff just underwent a massive overhaul with E+ 9.0).

Can you confirm that the version of E+ that you are running there is 8.9 and make sure that it also works in E+ 9.0? If you do that, I can add the other shading control options to the component.

That’s definitely very strange. In any case, yes I’m using and running it with EnergyPlus v8.9.

The same shading control type exists in E+ 9.0 however, the window shading control object has significantly changed from the previous version. They have added a detailed group/sequential activator for several windows.

Given all the changes in E+ 9.0, probably it’d be better to wait until HB makes the transition to the next version of E+.

@RafaelA ,
I think that OpenStudio SDK should be able to take care of this transition for us, meaning that Honeybee should be able to deal with E+ 9.0 as long as you are using the OpenStudio component. Let me know if you think otherwise.

Perhaps we should wait until the shading control object settles down a bit, though. It appears that they are making a lot of changes to it recently.

That makes a lot of sense. It seems far better to go through the OS component and rely on OpenStudio for this.
As for the shading object, I haven´t switched to E+9.0 just because of the changes in some of the objects. Definitely worth waiting until it gets more stable and implemented in OS then.

Hi All,
When provided with a 4-input (OnIfZoneAirTemperature) for “Control Type”, the HB Window Construction Shade component doesn’t seem to be writing the control setpoint to the IDF or controlling the deployment of blinds in the model. Is this an bug with the component or am I missing something in my set-up?


Thanks for finding and reporting this issue, @MichaelEsposito . It turns out that this is the result of a bug in the OpenStudio SDK that is beyond my ability to fix but I am reporting this issue to the OpenStudio team now and they should hopefully be able to get the fix into the next version of OpenStudio. I will post back here once I have posted the bug to the OpenStudio github.

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Actually, from what I can tell, it looks like OpenStudio team fixed the issue in OpenStudio 3.1:

So I think you should be able to get it to work if you install OpenStudio 3.1. However, we haven’t officially upgraded the LBT plugin to OpenStudio 3.1 so, you’ll be doing so at your own risk. I think we will officially switch to using OpenStudio 3.1 in the development version of the LBT plugin in 1-2 weeks. So you could also just wait around for that.