New LBT component to split the perimeter and core zones?

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if there are any plans to incorporate the ‘Honeybee_SplitBuildingMass2Floor’ and ‘Honeybee_SplitFloor2ThermalZones’ of the old legacy tools into the new version.

Or is there a component that already does that and I missed it?

Thank you,

Yes, there’s a component that’s meant to help you with core/perimeter offsetting and it’s much more robust than the Legacy one but it takes a 2D horizontal surface instead of a volume. In the LBT 1.3 stable release it’s called DF Straight Skeleton but I recently moved it to the Honeybee :: Create tab in the latest development version of the plugin.

FYI, the dragonfly workflows have this core/perimeter offsetting built into them. So, If you’re looking to turn a building solid into an energy Model, it might be better to work in Dragonfly instead of Honeybee.