New Set of Ladybug and Honeybee Video Tutorials

It is said that when it rains, it pours! - I’m so pleased to let you know that after months of video tutorials drought, now we have hours and hours of tutorials available online on different topics for Ladybug and Honeybee:

  1. Our recent presentation at IBPSA-NYC is now available online. We do an overview of what Ladybug and Honeybee capabilities with a short live demo:

part 1: - part 2:

  1. Chris recorded a great set of tutorials together for “Getting Started with Ladybug” that walks you through several components in Ladybug: (…)

  2. He (Chris) also recorded another great set of videos for comfort tools that he is currently developing for Ladybug and Honeybee: (…)

  3. With the help of Mohammad, we finally uploaded the videos from the workshop that I led at Penn few months ago which covers Daylighting with Honeybee: (…)

  4. Finally, Chris also started a series of videos on Energy Modeling with Honeybee that you can watch here: (…)

There are couple of stuff which are coming next, soon:

  1. So Young is modifying the videos for the Ladybug workshop and once they are ready, we will upload them.

  2. I will be capturing a number of videos for developers soon. We are so excited to see all the new developers joining the team and we understand the need to support you to get started. I hope these videos can help you to understand the development logic and get you started with the development.

OK. Now if you have access to Internet, which I supposed you do as you are reading this online, you have no excuse not to learn Ladybug and Honeybee. :slight_smile:

Let us know your comments and suggestions.

Cheers, Mostapha

This is wonderful!

Hi Mostapha,

Thank you so much for these news. Again my thanks for all your work you and Chris have done so far.


Really interesting stuff and great work! Thanks for mentioning my thesis in the presentation at IBPSA-NYC!

Amazing stuff thanks guys.

Hi Mostapha,

Im trying to use this plug-in but the weather station website you use does not have my current location which is Edinburgh, United Kingdom. Is it possible to get data from another website? or what would be my options in such a scenario since the locations included are not close to me.



Interestingly enough I was just wondering a bout the same thing. What I found is that you can purchase climate data directly from ASHRAE: This was the only place were I was able to find my location.

I also found a program that interpolates data for you, but that is also purchase based: Personally I would rather buy the data directly from ASHRAE.

If someone has a better solution then please let me know, before I make the purchase.

Hi Mira and Orn,

Weather Analytics is another option if you are willing to pay:

You can also find some of the weather files generated from Meteonorm on EnergyPlus mailing list for free:…

Luckily Edinburgh was there. Attached!

Mostapha (236 KB)

oh wow thank you so much! i truly appreciate it!