New sun shades calculator under wip

Hi all,

First great thanks to the contributions of new sun shades calculator component developed by Abraham Yezioro and Antonello Di Nunzio. And is there any tutorial or gh file to show how the calculation works?

I’ll appreciate it if anyone give me a hand.

Thank you.

Hi @BiXiaojian415,
Thanks for your comment. We’ll try to post some example file in Hydra soon.
In the meantime attached an example file (not finished).
-A. (602.8 KB)

Hi A,

Many thanks to your immediate reply and helpful gh file. I am very curious about the differences between the new sun shade calculator component and the shadingdesigner component, and the limitations or applicable conditions. Hoping to see your example files soon.

And thank you again for your great efforts on this issue which will definitely make a contribution to the architectural design process.

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Hi. Is it possible to use vertical surfaces not the horizontal ones? Or is it always create horizontal surfaces or pergolas? Can we create a third option?

Don’t understand the question … please make clear.

is it always create horizontal surfaces or pergolas?

If you see the input options you’ll notice that there is an option to set an angle for the shaders. You can use it. It works nicely.

Can we create a third option?

There is indeed a third option. Again notice that you can provide a surface input. It is intended to calculate what part of this surface is needed to provide shade for the period defined. Also works nicely. The down side of this option is that it doesn’t guarantee to provide the shade for your window fully if the surface is too short or not wide enough.

Hope this helps.
And welcome to the discourse.


thank you very much. I really appreciate. I am new in grasshopper. I will follow the steps you gave