New Update is missing some components

I just downloaded the new LB-HB-DF package, and even when the new update is actually really smooth to install and is working in the overall, great. The plug-ins are missing some components, specifically “Solar Envelope” and “Honeybee_Item Selector”.

Does anyone know if this is an installation issue, or LB just took them out, and if so, can I still get them?


Please check this topic:

As stated, the new, 1.x.x version is missing some components as compared to legacy version. As far as I know, the creators are working on missing components, which would come in future updates (I am not sure about ‘Solar Envelope’ specifically). As for old ‘Item Selector’, I think you should be able to use it with the new components.

You can also have both, legacy and new, LBT components installed at the same time. These are placed in different tabs in gh ribbon now.