New Video Tutorial Series on Human Centered Facade Design is Now Live!

Our new video tutorial series is live! Check it out on our website here!

So many contemporary buildings with all-glass facades in are designed in the name of the occupants’ views and access to sun. Yet anyone who has observed such all-glass buildings in operation will often find a mosaic of drawn shades that is clearly at odds with this argument. By maximizing window area, designers and building owners inadvertently create spaces where access to views and daylight must be shut off completely to ensure occupant thermal and visual comfort.

This series will cover early-design workflows for shaping both glazing and shade geometry using occupant comfort as a constraint. Workflows for blocking direct sun to control glare will be balanced with ones that quantify the visual connection to the outdoors and quality of view. Ultimately, the series will empower you to develop human-centered facades that have been finely tuned to create more desirable occupant experiences

Topics that will be covered include:

How all-glass buildings become shades-drawn buildings
Views from the sun: understanding when sun is a problem
Spatial direct sun studies and early design glare estimation
Temporal direct sun studies
Annual Sun Exposure (ASE) calculation
Quantifying views to the outdoorss
Modeling simple views for LEED
Quantifying views to scenery
Bringing it all together: human centered facade design

Example files covered in this series can be viewed / downloaded here: