Night time

hi there,

im having a problem with the draw sunpath comp - it says that theres nighttime - allthough i know that there is still sun to be seen (also shows at google earth)

if i try 9 pm i get the error “nighttime”

how could that be - must be in the weather file i assume - is there anyway to fix this ? gives me the following

00:00—02:17 — night

02:17—03:43 — astronomical twilight
03:43—04:39 — nautical twilight
04:39—05:19 — civil twilight
05:19—05:23 — sunrise
05:23—21:11 — daylight
21:11—21:15 — sunset
21:15—21:55 — civil twilight
21:55—22:51 — nautical twilight
22:51—00:17 — astronomical twilight
00:17—00:00 — night

plz help - thank you !!!

i assume this has to do with the daylight saving - any workaround ?

thanks !


Could you please attach your Grasshopper file and I will have a look for you



Hi Pyrit, Have you seen Paul’s solution here. Also night time in Ladybug means after sunset.

hey mostapha,

im not sure what you mean by nighttime… i would like to investigate all the rays that are able to hit one surface. so for me its important to have an analysis that matches results to the right hours … which doesnt work with pauls solution because it alters all vectors i assume

Hi Pyrit,

Daylight saving won’t change the results of sunlight hours for a day unless you’re looking for specific hours of the day. In other words, daylight saving is an agreement to change the clocks for an hour. The sun will show up in the exact same positions as it is supposed to. If you like to get a more accurate result then you can set-up the timestep to a high number.