No Annual Grid-based Results with new LBT

I’m sure I’m doing something dumb here to not retrieve any results, but would be super grateful if anyone can help me out! I’ve looked at example files and it seems like I’m matching the work flow, but still unable to produce an .ill file. (67.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

@jakechevrier ,

It worked for me:

Did you recently run the “LB Versioner” component? @Mostapha recently introduced a bug in the annual daylight recipe on the development version of the plugin. So, if you want to run annual daylight, you should make sure you’re using the stable release - 1.0.9.

But Mostapha should be working on a fix now. So the development version will be fixed soon enough:

FYI @mostapha pushed a fix into the development version of the plugin yesterday:

I can confirm that I am able to run your file with the latest development copy of the plugin.

Wow Mostapha you going to let him call you out like that? :smiley: haha I’m kidding!

Yep I changed over to 1.0.9 and it worked perfectly, thank you both!