No autolighting schedule in LBT1.2

Picture1 shows 2 components in LBT Legacy.we can get annualprofiles as autolighting schedule to energy simulation.

Picture2 shows some components in LBT1.2. I found that I can’t get an autolighting schedule.
So how can I get an autolighting schedule which is based on illuminance?Is there an another new components to use?

Thanks a lot!

That’s because the new honeybee isn’t using DAYSIM anymore (it’s using Radiance directly) but I think we can add a better/ more scale-able way of doing it now. I opened an issue for it:

The only thing I would need to understand is how DAYSIM came up with assumptions for light-dimming. Does anyone know if DAYSIM just took the fraction of sensor grid points that were above the illuminance threshold and that became the fraction of the lights that dimmed?