No data: adaptive comfort chart

Hi all; I am running the ladybug adaptive comfort chart, but I cannot get it, I don’t have any data in the honeybee read EP result, as mentioned in the attached photo. Can someone help me please? Thank you


Not enough information in screenshot.

Seems that your EnergyPlus simulation is not delivering results. So the error is somewhere to the left.

Perhaps you’ll get a more useful answer if you either include a more complete screenshot or attach your file.


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hi, thank you for to reply me,
You will find an atteched field.
best regards
adaptive (612.9 KB)


Quick report:
your natural ventilation component is missing som necessary inputs.

Al inputs with “_” in front have to be given.

Connect a panel to readme outputs to find errors such as this.

Might be other errors, but there is noe geometry to test on.

Look what I have; after putting the natural ventilation type, I don’t understand where is the problem, any help, please?

You Are still missing one input, check my pic again.

Read the readme from the component that gives the error, the red one, and track back to find the cause.

Can you copy the error message here? In current versions, it you enable natural ventilation, minimum 4 timesteps per hour instead default should be set. May not be the same in legacy version. But please check.

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This IS a screenshot of thé error Message, any help,Sir… Please

Hi @Zineb

The issue is with the geometry. Kindly Breptise and intersect solids (Components in new version on HB) before supplying it to Legacy LB simulation components.

Hi, @Naga I cannot find the problem yet. If it is possible, could you open my file and see where the problem is and fix it for me? I really need this, so please, sir.
adaptive (604.4 KB)


Unfortunately, I don’t have a legacy version of LB tools to debug your workflow.

So, I have developed a workflow with LB Tools v1.6 with your input and attached below. Please install LB tools v1.6 and check the compatibility matrix to install install suitable versions of OpenStudio, Radiance, and UrbanOpt.
adaptive (705.2 KB)

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Dear @Naga i would like toi thank you for your help,
I hae just one last question, how Can i get the Honeybee component in Lb 1.6, there are a lot of components are Lost , not like in the legacy version
Best regards

I did not get your question. But I recommend you install LB Tools version 1.6 which has LB, HB (HB, HB-Energy, HB-Radiance), and DF before you open the workflow I shared.

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it works perfectly , thank you so much

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