No data from Heating and Cooling in Energy model


I bump into some problem getting the energy model result, and not sure if anyone had the same issue before:

I cannot get the energy result of cooling and heating when I apply the HVAC template to my energy model. (I attach the simplified Rhino and GH files to show the problem.)

When I use ‘IdeaAir’, everything runs well. I can get all the breakdown results.

When a HVAC system is applied (eg. a DOAS system), there is no cooling or heating data coming out from ‘RoomEnergyResult’ component. How can I solve this issue and get the heating and cooling breakdown?
At the same time, there are still numbers coming out from the ‘EUI’ component. Considering the issue above, can I still trust the data from the ‘EUI’ component?

231002_Troubleshooting_Energymodel_HVAC system result missing.3dm (36.4 KB)
231002_Troubleshooting_Energymodel_HVAC system result (134.8 KB)

Hi @ljwssdsw,

You are using the read ROOM energy result. When adding a DOAS system the energy use is not any more separated by room. Each part of the system has its own energy use. (heating coils etc.). You can have a detailed look at the energy use of the system by reading the result dictionary (RRD) and ask for the outputs you would like to see. With the read custom result you can get the data.


Thank you for pointing it out @Erikbeeren ! So helpful!