No "IES Luminaire" Compenent?

I am trying to run illuminance Calcs in a space with already downloaded IES files. However, I am not seeing any HoneyBee components related to Electric Lighting or IES files? On this site ( IES Luminaire - Honeybee - Component for Grasshopper | Grasshopper Docs ), I am seeing a lot of components that I am missing in my Grasshopper Plug-ins… Specifically the IES Luminaire component…

I have uninstalled Ladybug Tools / reinstalled version 1.6.0 multiple times and am still missing components… Please help.


The Luminaire components haven’t made it to the LBT plugin yet but they are on the agenda soon after some of this work on dynamic states is wrapped up. You will know that they have been implemented when the following issue is closed:

And, if you badly need this right now, you can probably get it to work by dropping the .rad files generated from the IES file into the scene folder of the honeybee radiance folder before you simulate it.

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Thanks for the response. Bummer these arent available yet… Surprised they are on the grasshopper docs site when they are not in use yet. either way - yes I am looking for an immediate solution.

The .rad file approach may work but I do not see any components to import that either? Do you mean use radiance outside of Grasshopper? If so, that solution will not work :confused: I need to do illuminance calcs all within grasshopper and was hoping to avoid lots of math :sweat_smile: