No light in ASE analysis

I tried to do ASE analysis. But when I do sunlight hour analysis,
the sunlight hour result is zero.
test room.3dm (24.5 KB) (531.2 KB)
CHN_Shaanxi.Xian.570360_CSWD.epw (1.7 MB)

From Honeybee_Decompose based on type, only use walls and roofs as context geometry. You are taking the whole box. Ladybug does not know the windows Honeybee created.

Thank you for your reply.
I made the adjustment, but the result was still zero.
Did I do something wrong? (534.8 KB)

You need to avoid using windows coming out of Honeybee_Decompose based on type component. you are already accounting for the transmittance of the window as a number in your definition.

Only use walls, roof, and floor.

If possible, please try to internalize the geometry and weather file so you don’t have to attach them. Kindly check this