No Mechanical Ventilation Loads

I am trying to get ventilation loads out of the the ideal air loads and have tried the solutions presented in the forum but I can’t seem to find a decent solution to fix it. I want the cooling loads to include ventilation loads as per the dehumidication temperatures.

Shoebox Modelling Script_C5 (190.6 KB)

Hey @hmurya ,

The cooling load that comes out of the Read Room Energy Result component includes both the zone sensible cooling load as well as the outdoor ventilation air cooling load.

If you want the load for just the ventilation air, you should see this mech_vent_load output from that same component:

hi Chris, yea i understand that it should show up in mech vent load, but my problem is that nothing shows up in the loads at all, no matter what value I apply.

Are you using an ideal air system? And do your rooms actually have a ventilation requirement assigned to them? Both of these are usually needed to get the mech ventilation load.

Hi Chris,

Yes did all of that. I even ran the sample files that come with installation (full building energy model and shoebox energy model) and both of them dont give any values. The component is certainly running, but its giving me a ‘null’ value.

What version of EnergyPlus are you using? You can use the HB Check Versions component to see this. And make sure that you are following the recommendations in the compatibility matrix:

If it helps to know, I’m able to get the ventilation load without issues in this sample file.

I have both version 9.6.0 and 22.1.0. Is that what is probably causing the glitch?

This is possible if EnergyPlus has changed the output names on us in version 22.1.0. What does the HB Check Versions component tell you about the version of EnergyPlus used by Ladybug Tools? If it says you’re using E+ 22.1.0, then this could be the problem.

Hi Chris,

I wanted to revisit this issue again. It was the energy plus version that was not showing the ventilation loads. But since the new LB of 1.6, it needs openstudio 2.5.0 to run. the OS website says that it only support E+ v22.

I am back at the problem where when I run the analysis, there is no separate output for the mech ventilation loads (even for the single family shoebox model)

Hi @hmurya ,

I looked at your original file. The issue was your simulation parameters. This is what they should look like in order to be sure you are requesting all outputs for a load balance (including mechanical ventilation):

Your simulation parameters inside your cluster were not requesting zone gains and losses:

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