No rays drawn with Grasshopper/Ladybug


I’m currently trying to analyze a ray bounce using grasshopper and ladybug. I’ve got my location set up properly using an EPW file. I’ve also got all the sun vectors I’m interested in. I’m using only the first sun vector at first, I can check the other ones later.

When I try to use the Bounce From Surface tool, I do get a list of Bounce points and they are drawn on my sourceSrf, but all my rays receive a null value and no rays are drawn. Does anyone know why ladybug won’t draw any rays in this case?

Both links to the files are corrupted.
Please upload again.

It is telling me I can’t upload attachments since I am a new user. I’ll supply a file link instead

See attached.
Not sure if you intended to use a model in mm. The grid size you choose (50) makes the file to run forever. I changed the size to 1000 (and it takes about 5 minutes in my machine).
Anyway, see the (small) changes i made.
I choosed to show 3 bounces so yoo see the intersection points at both the"dome" surface and the ground.
-A. (396.4 KB)

This is great! Any idea why the smaller surfaces seem to be neglected when it comes to reflection? Should I maybe add a finer size for those smaller surfaces? They seem to be fully ignored at the moment.