No shading reported in E+ with window shade generator

I am trying to add shading with E+ window shade generator. But in the final report of E+, the ‘inTable.csv’, I found that there is shading control, but there is no shading surfaces.
when I added the EP context surface to simulation, shading surfaces are in the final report. But theses surfaces are ‘building detached shades’.

My questions are:

  • Why do I need to add context surface? Why cannot E+ simulate these surfaces directly with window shade generator?
  • there are 22 surfaces reported in the second case, but acturally I only generate 11 surfaces. I checked EnergyPlus, and it seems include the mirror images of these 11 surfaces. But Why? what is the function of these mirrored surfaces? (773.8 KB)


Not sure about the first part of the question. I feel you are confusing Window:Shade or Window:blinds materials with geometrical outdoor shade objects. See this link.

The component meshes the shading surfaces internally and that’s why your shading surfaces are doubled. Basically they are triangulated.

Thanks for your reply. I misunderstand the window:shade and window:blinds.
But I expect that in the final report, there should be somewhere to describe the blinds information.

This image is the only information I found. Why it doesn’t include more information, like the surfaces of blinds?