Non-ASCII Character in EPW Error

I just meet problem with installation … I followed all steps in instruction to install it …After that i got fully function for ladybug. however my honey could not fly . coz i installed energy plus 8.6, the lastest one . maybe i will try 8.5 then.

Importantly, i though my Openstudio is correct installation , the lastest one , and i zone into openstudio file… i can find that "openstudio_standards_json… why my honey could not find it …

And how about anothe one EP construction , is it binding with energy plus?

thx 4 reading

Did you try to download the file from the link that you can see in the image that you have captured?

Thx for help. it seems working now .However whe

Hmmm. Do you have special non-ASCII characters in weather file address?


If you sync with the Hoenybee github, you will find that the most recent components support EnergyPlus V 8.6. However, the last stable release of Honeybee only goes up to V 8.5. I don’t know about your second error here. As Mostapha says, it’s probably an issue with a special character somewhere (in the EPW or somewhere else). If you upload the EPW and the GH file, we can probably figure it out.


Hi Chris what i use epw file which was download from and i trt to go to Honeybee github, i cant find any ,most recent components which support EP+8.6 . i just upload files i use…

even i use sample weather data .epw , it still goes wrong